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Northern Wu style Taiji Dao (saber)


March 27, 2013, from 9am - noon

White Crane Martial Arts

922 Burnet Ave.

Syracuse, N.Y.


I learned this traditional dao form from Zhu Xilin. Zhu was a student of Master Wang Peisheng in Beijing. He stayed at my home for some time in 1996. His skill was first rate.


All taijiquan styles have their own version of a dao form. Many of these have been simplified over time. The Northern Wu dao form retains its original complexity and variation of technique.


This is a most interesting weapon form, suitable for martial artists of intermediate to advanced skill. Bring your own dao a (wooden training sword is fine). I have a few swords available if you need one for the workshop.


Fee is $30.00 per workshop.


If you wonder if this workshop is appropriate for you, just ask.


PLEASE register with me BY EMAIL and commit by paying in advance within 1 week of the workshop.




Dave Dolbear

(315) 662 - 7727

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