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About Taiji Classes


Locating classes:

On-going classes in Northern Wu style Taijiquan are held at White Crane Martial Arts Studio, ShoppingTown Mall, Syracuse, NY (next door to Rite Aid Pharmacy).  A limited class schedule is also offered at our home studio, located near Cazenovia, NY.


How are the classes structured?

Beginners may start attending classes at any time. Taiji players of every level from beginner to advanced are included in all classes. Instruction is primarily one on one, so everyone receives instruction based on their level of experience. We also participate in limited group practice at every class. Our aim is to integrate new students into the overall group as quickly as possible.


How many classes can I attend per week?

The monthly fee gives you UNLIMITED class attendance at morning and / or evening classes. Beginners are encouraged to come to as many classes as possible. Learning taiji is challenging on many levels. We all need help and support as we begin training. 


What about push hands, sword (jian) and saber (dao) instruction?

Instruction in these more advanced aspects of taijiquan is offered in half day or full day workshops, which are held at various times throughout the year.

 Once a student has learned push hands technique, they are encouraged to practice with other players during the regularly scheduled classes.


Is it possible to visit and observe a class?

You may come to the studio and visit a class at any time. It is best to email or call first in case of rare class schedule changes. 

Private lessons are possible by prior arrangement - We can also arrange seminars at your location.







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