White Crane Martial Arts

White Crane Martial Arts provides instruction in:            


Northern Wu style Taijiquan

•    83-posture Wu style Taijiquan

•    64-posture Wu style Taiji jian (straight sword)

•    13-posture Wu style Taiji dao (saber)

•    Wu style Tui Shou (push hands)



•     Taiji Baojian Qigong

•     Swimming Dragon Qigong

•     Various kinds of therapeutic qigong for the neck and upper back


 Liu Seong Kungfu

•     9 empty hand forms:

       Block, Strike, Heinan, Shaolin, Lion Technique, Four Point, Hak Chan, Kwitan, Ho Chan

•     Staff and Sai forms


For interested individuals, instruction is also available in:

•     Chen taijiquan routine #1

•     Chen taijiquan routine #2 (PaoChui)

•     Chen taiji jian (straight sword) routine #1

•     Chen taiji jian (straight sword) routine #2


David F. Dolbear, Chief instructor

•     Began studying Northern Wu Taijiquan with Prof. Leng Xinfu, 1979;  the first non-Chinese person

       to learn the 83-posture Northern Wu style Taijiquan

•     Studied T’ai-Chi Ch’uan in China 1989, upon official invitation of Academia Sinica in Beijing, China

•     Student of Master Liu Changjiang, Beijing since 1989; senior American student

       of Master Liu Changjiang

•     Studied Chen Taijiquan with Master Jou Tsung Hua and Master Xu Kongwei

•     Orange sash, Liu Seong Kung-fu (1978)

•     Gold medalist in Wu style T’ai-Chi Ch’uan, 1996 USA National T’ai-Chi Ch’uan Championships

•     Director (USA), Northern Wu T’ai-Chi Ch’uan Research Institute