White Crane Martial Arts

Classical Northern Wu style taijiquan was created near the end of the Qing dynasty by Master Quan You. It has preserved its unique features and teaching methods to the present day. Compared to some modern variations of the main taijiquan styles, Northern Wu style is rather more strict in its requirements. The teaching methods are very detailed, leading to precise thinking. The postures and movements develop from this attention to detail and accord perfectly with human physiology. It borrows a great deal from traditional Chinese medicine. Stances are relatively upright and comfortable, making it suitable for people of any age and physical condition. It is very effective in addressing imbalances in the spine and has a well deserved reputation for its outstanding overall health benefits.


Our Lineages


Quan You (creator of Wu style Taijiquan)                             Quan You

Wang Maozhai                                                                  Guo Fen (aka Songting)

Yang Yuting                                                                     Dong Ichen

Wang Peisheng                                                                 Liu Changjiang

Liu Changjiang                                                                 David F. Dolbear

David F. Dolbear