White Crane Martial Arts

Mr. Liu Chang Jiang - Executive Director of the NWTRI ( China )

  • D.O.B. 25 July 1934
  • Mr. Liu's lineage :
    Yang Lu Chan - Quan Yu - Mang Mao Zhai - Yang Yu Ting - Wang Pei Sheng - Liu Chang Jiang
    Yang Lu Chan - Quan Yu - Guo Fen - Dong I Chen - Liu Chang Jiang
  • Mr. Liu began studying with Master Wang Pei Sheng in 1957
  • Mr. Liu began studying with Dong I Chen in 1974

Currently, Mr. Liu is actively involved in the following organizations :

  • Director of Theory Division of Standing Committee of Wushu Assoc., Academia Sinica
  • Member of Beijing Wu Taijiquan Institution
  • Council Member, Oriental Human Body and Culture Institution

In addition to his official functions, Mr. Liu has a thorough knowledge of Taijiquan theory complemented with exceptional skill in the execution of northern Wu style Taijiquan - including its practical usage as a martial art. His outstanding teaching abilities have benefited many practitioners. Mr. Liu has an extensive background in human physiology and traditional Chinese medicine and is recognized by his peers as an expert in the matter. Mr. Liu has also published a number of manuscripts pertaining to the theory and practice of northern Wu style Taijiquan.

In addition to the above qualifications, it must be noted that Mr. Liu Chang Jiang has significant experience in providing instruction to visiting foreign students from the US and Japan. He has recently traveled to the US for the express purpose of initiating the creation of NWTRI.